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Directed by

Matthew Siretta

Produced by

Sam Mantell


Matthew Siretta

"​Important doc on LA homeless."

– Sean Baker,​ ​@Lilfilm

"​Siretta meant to nab his hero Frederick Wiseman as his mentor and he succeeded, so maybe keep an eye peeled.”

– Pamela Cohn, ​Filmmaker Magazine


“Impressed with the film, particularly as a first-time feature. Raw, accomplished filmmaking. It's very strong...and some of the characters are extraordinary.”

– Jim Kolmar, ​SXSW Film Festival

“...A deeply engrossing portrait of Los Angeles homeless life.”

– Harry Vaughn, ​Sundance Film Festival

“The film provides its subjects the agency to tell their own stories, without judgment or suggestion. The camerawork and editing are sharp and well-suited to the film's narrative.”

– David Wilson, ​True/False Film Festival


Navigating through the streets with those who live there, Disco'd tells a story of those affected by homelessness in Los Angeles.


We have seen homeless communities sweep into all parts of the city in recent years. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles County rose 23% to nearly 58,000.


Disco’d is a character-driven portrait of individuals who were living on the street at the time of filming.